On this page you can see basic suffixes used in this template.

01The clear suffix is very useful to create banners or images without additional borders, margins and paddings. The clear suffix is also very useful inside the mainbody, mainbody_top and mainbody_bottom module positions. If you want to remove only the horizontal spaces, please use the clear-horizontal suffix. Additionally if you need to center your banner, then you can use the banner-center suffix.

02For News Show Pro GK5, Tabs GK5 and Image Show GK4 modules please always disable usage of the default CSS styles in the module settings.

03For modules which should have bigger width than other modules on the top1, top2, bottom1, bottom2 or bottom3 module position, please add the double suffix. Please remember that this suffix should be applied to the first module in the group. Otherwise it won’t work.


04The no-border suffix should be used if you don’t want to display the top border of the modules in the sidebars.

05The News Show Pro GK5 module has an additional suffix: highlights – for displaying big items with bottom navigation

06For every title-color* and the default module suffix you can also use the title-border suffix which will display border over the module title.

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